The place

The bold architecture of the building was created by Fala Atelier. The project was named "The House Around a Chimney".

“Some say renovations of beautiful buildings should be respectful and delicate. Some say they should be assertive or take on a rebellious attitude. Not choosing would be tepid. Here's an attempt to do both.”

"The facade of the building facing the street is listed and protected. It's a beautiful pièce montée, a vertical overlap of extensions, which work well together. The rear façade, only two levels high, is untended as usual. The project treats both with similar means: renovated frames, old granite, new marble elements, pink faces. If the front facade is a layered cake, the back is a curiously shaped cupcake. Shapeless, conflicted, fantastic, if we know how to approach it."

"The plan revolves around a new concrete chimney that perforates all levels. It serves a fireplace in the main living room on the ground floor and organizes all spaces in a centrifugal way. The staircase follows its own winding path, coated in bright pink, distinct from the mint floors and ceilings. All rooms are treated with the same palette of materials, only the bathrooms have more equipment. As on the sports slopes, bold patterns mark the beginning and the end of the journey." (Fala atelier).